Kelly Becker

Oakland, CA

Age: 23

Kelly Becker started programming at age 8 with her father over weekly coffee in Detroit. They started with a SKAT game written in C before moving on to other card games as well. 4 years later she had switched to writing HTML and basic PHP applications. Originally working directly for her church, at age 14 she wrote a small group management system and several wedding sites. When Kelly was 16 years old she started writing an event management suite known as ¥ENN and got contracts with 3 Michigan conventions (Youmacon, NMACon, and World Steam Expo) which still use the software. In 2010 Kelly met David Boskovic and started working on the Momentum platform and Evolution Framework; she continued doing work for him through out the year. In early 2011, only a day after graduating High School, Kelly started working full time for Momentum OS Inc and has been working for them ever since. Kelly is responsible for the relational database driver, api and other core parts of the EvolutionSDK framework.

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