Ashland, OR

Age: 23

My name is Alex and I am a student at Oregon State University. I am passionate about programming and finding out how computers and systems work. I love to learn, and i love math. I program every chance i get and try to learn how to do things more efficiently all the time. I have been working on a very basic video game for about a year now which is very fun.

I am not only interested in computer programming, however, I also am an bibliophile (book lover), and an autodidact. I am also very intrigued with creativity, for instance i am enamored with beautiful poetry, and great art, and i would contend that web design to be apart of that category, as well as great code.

my strongest programming languages are: PHP, AS3, C++, C, CSS, HTML (if you consider this to be a programing language. I use the term a bit loosely), JavaScript, java, and python.

I am better at some of these languages than others, but by no means do i consider my self to be great at any. I still have a lot to learn.

and that is a little information on who i am.