Jorge M. Treviño

Uruapan del Progreso, Mexico

Age: 69

First computer a twin floppy PC with 512kb RAM in 1988. Self taught MS-DOS, GW-Basic and later on some very basic Clipper & C programming. Comfortable with computers but just trying to get rid of the MS collar and escape from the W corral. The only thing that keeps me from a full migration to Ubuntu is Photoshop (I'm an amateur photographer and depend on Photoshop for most of my post-processing). GIMP is not an option; I tried it and cannot even do a proper simple text insertion. Tried Krita but it's also totally KRIptic . Managed to run PS5 under an Oracle Virtual Box but not under Wine even tho I've tried all recipes available. Started in Ubuntu with 11.10 and now getting along rather well with 12.04.