I'm a security consultant (auditor) and security analytics software developer with Leviathan Security Group; when I'm not doing that I also work with Seekintoo on software design and business development, and poke at sysadmin tasks.

I've also done deskside support, retail support, service delivery, and mobile onsite deployment in the past. More interestingly, I've supported, architected, written, and deployed identity and access management solutions end-to-end with Hitachi ID Systems. I can write technical documentation, reverse-engineer things, write software, administer virtualization environments (primarily for dev environment targets), and run linux servers of various kinds.

The languages in which I feel most at home are C++, x86 assembly (of either variant), python, and SPARC assembly, more or less in that order.

I am often out of close votes - but also out of up and down votes.