Nikola Ninkovic

Trebigne, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Age: 19

Well, here I am after about 3 years in software, programming and design.

I'm really just trying to make my dreams come true.

I want to become professional developer.

Right now I have experience with C-like like languages (C, C++, C#), AndroidSDK, web technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySql) and range of frameworks and technologies (.NET, WPF, Qt...).

I work as web developer/designer at BtgPort.

I'm learning Python and Django right now and I'm getting into AngularJS.

I want to learn to make games with OpenGL, but I don't have any free time, so it makes me very sad.

I'm also interested in single board computers, automation and PLCs, house music and other teenage stuff.

Too much work, not enough time...

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