Islamabad, Pakistan

Age: 28

BY DAY: I am a Senior Software Engineer. My first interaction with web technologies was when I started my job back in 2012. SO is where I learnt most. I am now a full stack developer with experience in PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, JS, AngularJS, CSS, SASS, MongoDB, MYSQL.

BY NIGHT: I am Banana Man, fighting crime and saving the city.

MY HOBBIES: I love mechanics and am fascinated by everything that mechanical and moving. I also love driving (i.e. driving anything has two or more wheels). Used to play FPS games, but not anymore.

Although I get to spend very little time on SO, I make sure that the time I am here I am helpful by answering questions and tagging or flagging them. I think SO is the best community. #SOreadytohelp

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