daniel Azuelos

Paris, France, Γαῖα

Software engineer on the first 64 bits Unix (Cray).
System & network admin., security architect of a network 3000 @MAC wide.
30 years experience on top of Unix (-es + internals).
Chief Information Security Officer.

    Security through obscurity: 
    - A transparent bottle of sulfuric acid
      with no label on it so as to prevent it
      to be stolen by terrorists.
    - A backup disk of confidential information
      with no label on it so as to avoid
      intelligence agencies and criminals
      to notice it.
    - A highly priviledged account protected
      with a basic password (123456)
      so as to avoid rising attention
      of cyber-criminals.
    - Witnesses names hidden by a black box
      in a public PDF document so as to
      avoid exposing publicly their names.
    - Random number generator with a secret
      key switching it in debugging mode
      where it is not anymore random.
    - Windows bugs kept secret for years
      so as to avoid criminals to take
      advantage of them.