Danny Dyla



Age: 23

I'm a computer science student at Oakland University in Auburn Hills, MI. I started teaching myself to code in middle school and it has always been my primary focus but I don't like to limit myself just to that. I am a member of the WMU Computer Club and a general hacking enthusiast.

Editors in order of preference

ed, the standard text editor

  1. vim
  2. atom
  3. sublime
  4. emacs
  5. pencil
  6. raw bit manipulation with a magnet
  7. notepad


  • Waterskiing
  • guitar
  • mountain biking


  • Leopold FC660M
  • Ergodox
  • Hoping to eventually have a Dactyl

Switches: browns (obviously)

Programming Languages

  • In order of experience
    1. Python
    2. C
    3. Go
    4. Ruby
    5. Java
    6. C#
  • In order of preference
    1. Python
    2. Go
    3. Ruby
    4. C
  • In order of interest
    1. lisp
    2. rust
    3. haskell
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