Tim van Osch



Age: 16

Hey I'm Tim, a 14 year old boy that comes from The Netherlands and that loves to write Programs. I've been programming for around 6~7 years now. I started when I was 6~7.

My first programming language i learnt was Visual Basic 2006. Which came from the Office Excel macro.

After a long time of using Visual Basic 2006. I got to learn HTML. I started making the simplest sites and try to make them better and better using tutorials. After I had done that site I started a new one. And this process repeats. By now I know how to Write: HTML, PHP, Javascript.

That same process went with Programming language. For example: Java, C#, ASM, Visual Basic 2011(Although I don't use VB any more).

I love automated things like bots. I aso like servers(Sockets etc.) This is why I'm playing alot of games. What could me automated? What could be usefull? (except hacks) What would people want?

After getting these things I start searching the Internet to find if it already exists. Does it already exists? Then can it be improved? Yes? Improve it. Doesn't it exists? Make it. What do I need to make it? How is it gonna look? Command line or Forms?

And so on...

Well that's just a little bit of my programming experience.

Have a nice day, Tim.

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