Minneapolis, MN

Age: 27

I am a designer with a background rooted in User Experience and Front-end development.

In the past 4 years I have educated myself to code & implement websites. I have been doing this and freelance design work for the past three years. I strongly believe the ability to design is truly unleashed when you are capable of building out the complete experience, interactions and user flow through a UX process.

At a previous workplace (ImageTrend), I gained exposure to application UI development, responsive design and user experience principles. Here I was also responsible for the design and implementation of clients' websites & client training/support.

In my most recent work experience as a User Experience Designer II (Best Buy Co.), I have been part of a greater UXD team. This involved advocating for user experience and utilizing UX principles.

My portfolio cannot be viewed online at

I am not currently seeking fulltime & contract positions in the Greater Minneapolis/ St. Paul area.

But I am seeking friends.

UX, UI, Front-end, Visual Design, Collaboration, Social Change etc...

Sometimes I Git but mostly I just Fiddle.