Programmer and coder, mainly interested in theoretical programming language design. Competent in PHP, JavaScript, Scheme, XSLT/XPath, okay with C, Common Lisp, Python, Haskell Perl. As far as non T-C languages go, anything with web-design is reasonably okay, also understands the W3C specs both in grammar and semantics. Also, I still have to learn Prolog. I dislike static typing, in fact, I dislike typing, I think having a 'character datatype' opposed to just using an unsigned integer for that is absurd, I also don't see the use for that so much as I really hardly have type errors in my code. But oh well, there's probably a reason why no one codes in FORTH (which has particularly unelegant typelessness I might add)

As far as teaching goes, I'd rather teach a man how to fish, it helps them more, and stops them from bothering me for more fish, hence my solutions can be some-what complicated as I explain the logic behind them in a generalizing way.

I'm also a musician, a graphics artist, a hobby linguist and mathematician and a proponent of the 'pedantic web', so I'd appreciate it if this site dropped the 'pre' elements in lieu of 'code'.

Interesting things I still have to learn:

  • Prolog
  • APL
  • MMIX assembly
  • better taste in clothing