Ben Bishop

St. Louis, MO

Age: 34

I've had the luxury and good fortune of working with some of the greatest minds of the app development community for the past 10 years.

Recently, I've used the freedom of being a freelancer to take on jobs that help broaden my view and experience with different technologies. While I'm passionate about improving my proficiency with C# and native apps, I'm even more passionate about trying to get to the day that both developers and clients are happy with the grand majority work that is being done in the app development world.

I have built Facebook games, eLearning applications, dashboards, desktop publishing applications, and eCommerce sites. He has done work for Wachovia, IndyCar, Humana, Conviva, Elsevier Health Sciences, Blue Shell Games, Guardian, Brown Shoe, PrintNow, and Adobe.

I just recently launched my own personal line of apps in the Apple app store for interval fitness training using C# and Xamarin. I look forward to expanding this line of apps into the Google Play Store and promoting Xamarin as the best tool for application development regardless of platform.