London, United Kingdom

Age: 31

I have been coding and playing with servers since I was 17, my first year at University during my eCommerce degree. At this time I designed, built and maintained several websites in the online multiplayer gaming sector. I am an entrepreneur at heart and started a business at 19 which quickly became the largest online game server provider in Australia by the time I was 21. I later launched a second product to reduce latency/ping for MMO gamers predominantly for World of Warcraft which had some success, but unfortunately was already a saturated market. At 25 I decided it was time to move on and emigrated to London to get involved in the flourishing tech job market here. I started my career as a mid-level PHP developer but my role soon evolved as I showed an interest in picking up new skills. I became the Android developer for my organisation after learning on the job and building and launching a production app. Later I taught myself Objective C and took over maintenance of the iOS app. A few years on and I found myself as Lead Mobile Developer with a mobile team and a second team working on a new incubator product for a separate startup. At 28 this startup asked me to be their Tech Director and I still work with them today. I am still heavily involved in iOS and PHP development as well as server maintenance and consider this a passion of mine.