James Wilkins

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada


Age: 41

I'm an seasoned "jack of all trades": PC technician, Network admin, DBA, programmer (Assembly/C++/C#/VB/JavaScript/etc.), graphics artist/designer (2D and 3D), music composer (I'm also a musician who plays various instruments), part-time car mechanic, and more.

I worked at the University Health Network (UHN) for over 7 years, where I help a team install new cabinets for their new fiber networks, and aided in application, database, and PC support. I currently work leading developers and project managers for a Healthcare related I.T. firm.

I've done some part time work on the IDE for Visual3D.net as well (I've worked on many game toolsets in the past), and created my own non-public scripting languages (for games and healthcare apps).

I'm currently wrapping up the Google V8 engine with a C#/.NET wrapper here: http://v8dotnet.codeplex.com and working on an advanced HTML5/JS developing framework called DreamSpaceJS (dynamic module/script loading for web design, cross-browser normalizations, and game support via Scirra, etc.).