Interstellar Transport Station #854

glorp flagy heord mreus ieurs jkerm! Translated to English from ETL574 (Extraterrestrial Language #574): Nothing special, just one of the awesomest web developers the world has ever seen. Also, if you are interested in the cloud/cloud computing, PLEASE PLEASE check out my Cloud OS, MOSTEM

Some more random stuff about me: I don't use jQuery, I like Chinese and am learning Mandarin, I used to really want to be a pilot and still like aircraft/aeronautics and participated in the following stage of the Aviation SE site, following it and making a few example questions. I made a stupid game, but I took it down. It was too stupid. and jQuery sucks. And I'm learning c++. And I like electronics. And I want a 3D printer. And a circuit scribe. And I hate Apple. And I love Microsoft. And I think that Google is also pretty good. And I think that Glass isn't as good. And I think the wearable tech concept is good. And I think that Google did a bad job of implementing the concept of wearable technology.