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  • Stack Overflow: 503rd silver JavaScript badge, 505th silver Java badge, 609th (gold) Marshal, 734th (gold) Copy Editor, 832nd bronze HTML, 350th Outspoken, 1045th Convention

  • Meta: 132nd (gold) Populist, 194th (gold) Electorate, 506th (gold) Reversal, 94th Outspoken, 122nd Generalist, 132nd bronze support, 163rd bronze feature-request, 255th bronze discussion

  • Code Golf: 1st bronze popularity-contest, 7th (gold) Great Answer, 1st to get 100 bronze badges, 36th bronze code-golf, 43rd any tag badge, 12th Pundit, 12th Convention, 33rd Enlightened, 61st Good Question, 91st Notable Question, 97th Good Answer, 10th Talkative, 28th Mortarboard, 31st Tag Editor, 40th Excavator, <200th 9 other badges

  • This doesn't count, but 7th to get the Informed badge on SO! :D 4th on Gamedev! First on Code Golf!
  • Previously 481st to get the silver Java badge on SO. Then it got taken away :(