Turkey İstanbul


Age: 25

I was born in İstanbul in 06.06.1989 in Üsküdar which is the most beautiful Place .Then years passed and I graduated from Akşemsettin Highschool .After that I started Dogus University As a fully scholared Computer Engineering Student.And I had a challenging 5 year at there. Especially Those Electrical Circuits and its relatives were really challenging.However I succeded graduating in the proper five year time .
When I look back at those years and my decision of being a Computer Engineer , I feel very peaceful and happy because my Job really fits my personality and my way of thinking .And it gets me to the limitless oceans and gives me countless abilities to take advantage of. As you can see in my posts , I love to code and develop in .Net C# and in Angular Js besides that I was a Java lover at the University but in professional life my sail moves by wind of C# and .Net .
In my favour time , I like to play Chess ,Table Tennis , and sometimes I try to read :) novels , one more to tell is I like to have sheesha with the flavour anise with my friends in Sultan Ahmet in İstanbul at the cafe Called Rumist..

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