Chennai, India

Age: 24

Been dabbling about in Microsoft Stack (ASP.NET, C#, AppFabric, WCF). Desperately want to go open source, for once, so trying my hand in PHP.

Things I like :

  1. The Justice League
  2. Huge fan of jQuery, jQuery Mobile and all things JavaScript.
  3. KnockOut.js is also one of my strong points.
  4. Design Patterns (MVVM for most part)
  5. The strong typed nature of C#
  6. HTML5
  7. RequireJS

Things I feel I must learn more :

  2. Android Development
  3. Angular JS

Things I hate most :

  1. The relational model of SQL - BORING.
  2. The autocratic corporate environment of IT firms (One of which I'm a part of)
  3. All things apple.