Age: 73

I was born at an early age and subsequently became an old grouch.

Suffered a nostalgia attack recently and ended up with a netbook booting FreeDos, loaded with antique programming language versions (Quick Basic, Turbo C, Turbo Pascal, dBase, Clipper '87... the list goes on...) It was quite a revelation how much I remembered and how much I had forgotten. Also a revelation how fast a low spec computer could be when not slowed by a pretty GUI! (That's VERY fast...)

Once the red mist had dissipated, I came to the mature realisation that the world had moved on while I was not looking so I decided to master the rudiments of Ruby and then possibly to take a sideways look at Rails.

Thus far it has been a pleasant surprise how much support exists on Youtube, the easy availability of online documentation is great and all is going well. At least it would be if I could just install a Ruby plugin into Eclipse Indigo version under Ubuntu 11.10...

So that's it, all that's fit to print so thanks for reading and have a good day.