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Allahabad, India

Age: 27

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Working as a ASP.NET and Android Developer, Have reasonable experience with PHP web development.

Coding is my passion, whether it is hardware or software.

I am for sustainability, trying as best as possible to create and innovate to make how I live productive so the future generations can live without fear of a non sustainable future.

Stack Overflow makes me a better programmer while I can offer my own help to make others better programmers.

Last but not the least

  • I am a common man. Just, another common man. And now,
  • I wont sit quiet, I will do whatever I can...
  • I cannot reach publications, I will create my own way of publicity,
  • I cannot reach their government, I will make sure, my message is reached.
  • I cannot make my future anymore but, this is not the future, I will give to my future generation.
  • I am a HACKER and nothing can compromise me, not any more...
  • I will fight, I will destroy, I will hit and hit it hard, where it hurts the most;
  • I am not a Warrior with Guns but Brains, I am called, an Indian Cyber Warrior!...........
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