Reinhard Neuwirth

Melbourne, Australia

I am no longer hoping for a LaTeX3 manual to be published and believe the whole subject of TeX, LaTeX2, LaTeX3, PGF/TikZ and other graphics platforms is too vast and volatile to fit into any reference manual. While there are some who have sufficient knowledge and experience to write such a reference, who could hope to write one for profit, and who would have the patience and resources to write one for none? LaTeX2 is well documented through the "Companion" and LaTeX3 through expl3, interface3, xparse etc., documents which are no longer as inaccessible as they once seemed. With the focus on using LaTeX productively, what one needs to do is tunnel ones way through interface3 (mainly) and document the experience by way of hands-on examples - eventually a "cookbook" may emerge. My new slogan therefore is: A Kingdom for a LaTeX3 Cookbook! The benefit of that approach is that I can start work on one on my own. And that's my profile as far as LaTeX is concerned.

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