Flagler Beach, Florida

Age: 28

Currently a freelance web designer/developer trying to break into the game development industry. Currently working on a 2d dungeon crawler with all the best Ideas I have seen in different games over my 20 years of gaming.

Currently programming in c#/xna-4.0 Over the past couple of weeks I have taken my general Knowledge of programming and applied it to my passion. Gaming!

I am starting to really grasp the process of adding new features to the game and would like someone to look at my code and tell me how I am doing and maybe how to optimize a bit.

Currently the team consists of me and my cousin who is also a web designer/developer.

Once we get the engine framework done we will be looking for a artist to do some sprite animation unless we can do it to our expectations.

We wouldn't ask someone to work pro-Bono until we have a product that is basically ready to ship - artwork.

We are really hoping to take advantage of the distribution methods that have really become popular over the last 5 years, Steam, Xbox live marketplace etc..

We feel like it is now in our power to develop and distribute a top-notch game that is exactly how we feel gaming should be.

Stay tuned and watch us grow into seasoned game programmers and maybe even 2d sprite artists :)

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