Andre Walker


Age: 20

My life is an open book that I still haven't read. Red, is my favorite Koolaid before bed. Shed, light into topics that's complex. Guess, when I do not know the answer next. I love C# and now I'm liking C++. Liking PHP although I have a lot of rust. What's good that is free when you don't pay the fee? What's the purpose of degree if you don't use the skills? Located in Texas the state that has no hills. People are nice sometimes I seek their advice. My dreams to be a doctor or a lawyer or just rich. I only ever program just to scratch a mental itch.

Reality's harsh as winter without furnace when you're earnest. You only live once so if you lie you don't learn this. Sometimes I think of math and play chess lightning duel. But if I walked your corner you'd just think me a fool. That doesn't cause me agony just serves advantage, Agassi. Although my friends are mad at me because I care how atoms be. Salary's a term restrictive; boss is someone vindictive...

Where do I fit in any of this? Where is my bliss? Where is my Miss waiting at home just to give me a kiss counting the seconds from time on her wrist? Why all the risk just to live plain? Status and class people care where you're staying, critic what you're saying, embarassed you're praying cause logic is skewed so we're just 'Rangatangs. Living near gangs, pressured to hang.. these are my days writing code to maintain.

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