Marcelo Tataje


Age: 25

Software Engineer and Multi-instrumentalist

I discovered programming when I was in high school and I loved it. Always like to learn new things and improve quality of my code by exchange of knowledge.

My first experiences were with C++ and PHP, but after discovering Java I became a devoted Java developer.

I love playing musical instruments, specially piano, guitar and drums. For me Software development is like composing / playing a song, and that's the philosophy that moves me every day:

"Software development and music are the same for me. All the components should be in harmony"

Harmony to produce the most beautiful songs, harmony for all your developed components to work all together in an elegant-simple-smart way. Coding shouldn't be a pain, it is a nice way to reflect your creativity... same as jammin' in a song ;).

I studied Computer and Informatics as a technical career and Systems Engineering for my bachelor degree.

I worked for banking, e-commerce, e-procurement and telecommunication companies. I like distributed computing and work part time as a teacher of a course called Distributed Applications Development - which involves Java networking, SOA, etc.

I'm loyal to the way of think that we're not perfect and we're always learning, we cannot know everything, so there's something new to learn, specially in technology which is a topic that changes constantly.

Hope my questions and answers could benefit new people here as well as contribute to the development of this site with the purpose of help.

Happy coding :)

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