Age: 50

I am one of a dying breed, I am afraid! I have been into computers since they began. Now you may argue that they began before I was even born, but I am speaking of real computers that were actually accessible to the public and, believe it or not, they hooked up to the antenna screws on the back of your TV. That's pretty much me. I went from Basic to Extended Basic, to Assembly and right into the system.

I have enjoyed programming from DOS (before Windows was even conceived, before hard drives, before the Internet) all the way to today with, of course, Visual Studio DotNet 2010 and of course as well, Masm32 v11.00 programming serious stuff in Windows!!!

I would hope to inspire young people to start at the roots like that of Assembly Language and really learn what is going on with your programming. It is difficult at the very least, but that's why it is so rewarding!!!

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