United States

Age: 31

I am a visually impaired language lover and have been using computers since the tender age of 4 years old (way back in 1989!) and started learning BASIC at age 8. I've always enjoyed languages, whether they be the kind we speak, the kind we express numerically (math!), and they kind that we use to express logic (programs!). I have studied oral languages and programming languages at primary, secondary, and undergraduate levels. I would consider myself to be both a closet mathematician and computer programmer, because I enjoy them greatly, but I am not employed in either field.

My current intrests include cryptography, the design and implementation of compilers (front-end, intermediate, and back-end), and virtual machines. The first language I fell in love with was C, when I found a first-edition of K&R's 'The C Programming Language' in the trash-lot of our neighbor, who happened to be a computer programmer for the Navy who was cleaning house before he moved. I asked him if he would donate any other books to me, and I found myself in posession of 'The C++ Programming Language'. I was also given a copy of the infamous 'Dragon Book', but at the time, I was not ready for that material.

I am currently writing a Virtual Machine, implemented in C++, and a compiler for it, written in C. These two projects keep my spare time mostly busy. :) Nonetheless, I make sure to find time to enjoy life with my beautiful wife and wonderful son.

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