I learned my first programming language (Apple Basic) in 1989. Over the years, I've done projects in C/C++, Pascal, FoxPro, 4D, AS/400 iSeries CL, dBase, Perl/CGI, Access, MSSQL, VB5-6/COM+, Classic ASP, and uncounted legions of Windows, Mac, and *nix scripting languages. Since 2002, I've focused on C# and now ASP.NET MVC/jQuery.

I started getting paid to do this stuff in 1993 as the admin for a mid-size network and began writing one-off apps in my spare time. By 2002, I was developing and managing enterprise software projects full time.

I have a BS in Management & Business IT, an MBA, and a PMP credential. I've also been through so many Microsoft classes that they should name something on campus after me.

I've worked in the building materials industry supporting wholesale trading for 20+ years. I'm interested in exchange-based and cash forward trading, derivatives, simulation, project management, and other quantitative analysis topics (e.g. inventory policy.) Most recently, I earned a graduate certificate in Systems Science (complexity and big data modeling).

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