I started using ubuntu 11.04 from October'11, I was a frustrated windows user before for various reasons like, Viruses, Corrupt system files.. due to which I had to re-format my system almost every month.

For first few weeks I had trouble getting used to Ubuntu because I had never used any other OS apart from windows before and there were tonnes of things I didn't know(still don't), but with help of forums like this and others I have finally managed to do all the things I use to do on windows and even more.

The first thing I liked about Ubuntu when I installed it was all my devices was auto installed, it didn't asked me for drivers for Sound Card, Motherboard, Modem..etc even my Nokia Phone which I use sometime to connect to internet when my broadband isn't working and it requires Nokia PC Suite in windows, but it connected without anything in Ubuntu.

All the soft-wares I used to use in windows, I found them on Ubuntu, either same or alternate better versions. My desktop looks superb, I use Gnome Classic, since I like Minimal environment, Unity was a bit too hard for my eyes, My system boots faster, uses less ram and its very stable, even though I am a very harsh user and all these things I achieved free which is fantastic.

All in all what I am trying to say is that I am really Happy to switch to Ubuntu.

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