Neal Rogers

South Africa

Age: 50

Essentially an ASP.Net developer, PM, System and Data Architect, and Dev Manager. This is my love, my forte.

Designing, architecting full systems for clients, and using Telerik controls such that I can develop what appears to be desktop applications, (look and feel, with 'popups same browser window, with thoose having popups, and on close they can refresh the underlying page with ajax every time.) OO of course,.. inheritance or instantiating entity base objects depending on the size of their footprint in memory...(web is all about speed, and of course look n feel,..ergonomics)

Find php a bit thin, also a bit interesting...way slower to develop in than .Net say 65 -75 %slower slower(either C# or VB syntaxes). But, what the hell, .. it is still programming. been in it 5 weeks, devved a WP plugin with 4 admin screens which use html tables of data with edit/ins/del/update in same form, ex the WP dbase,..and then some Pages with output (branches or stores, some google maps, and the menus per each and the platters per each), from dbase for a fast food takeaway reastaurant franchise.

Started out 25 years ago in Pascal and Cobol (those days you had to get 80% on 6 mth 8 hr a day course just to pass and get your diploma....been very disappointed in youngsters I've hired nowadays).

Of interest was Cobol connected to Oracle dbase running on SunUnix box. also, implementing ascii printer overlay files into Cobol programs and submitting those to the various makes of printers, (templates) as such, before submitting programming requirements, for barcoded labels.

Since then contracted to some universities for DNS cloning systems, Genome mapping systems and TB research systems as well as arbitrary, Semester and exam timetable web apps, and then Accounting systems, backup systems, insurance systems..and some 40 other forgotten ones.

My other pleasure is my 21 mth old boy and my horses and my farm.

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