NOTE: Before I start, I'm only a Ubuntu Community member, not a developer/coder. I use Ubuntu Linux to get away from Windows and Mac. I'm a biologist that will most likely do research not developing programs.

My name is Svetlana Belkin and I'm an Ubuntu Linux user since 2009. I made the switch from Windows XP and found about Ubuntu from Lifehacker. I was casually involved since 2012 but I got more dedicated in 2013 When I started get involved, I tried to answer questions and to police Ask Ubuntu (link to my profile under contact information) for missing tags on questions and report questions that break the rules.

Around early 2013, I started to get more involved into the Ubuntu Community because I had ideas for new programs, but I'm not a developer who codes. I knew that I might get a lead on Ubuntu Women, since I am a woman and it is a smaller part of the Ubuntu Community. In July 2013, I joined the mailing-list and quickly discovered that I was not the only one that had a hard time finding a team to be part of or how get involved. This started my work on updating the Ubuntu-Women wiki and to create material to help other women to get involved. Then three months later, I joined the Ubuntu Documentation Team to also help keep the Ubuntu Community Help Wiki up to date.

The membership that I had the longest for a team was for Ubuntu Ohio. I joined in 2009, shortly after I made the switch, but I only started to get involved in 2013. As a member of the Ohio Team and a active member, I also act as one of the Points of Contacts for my LoCo in order participate the LoCo contacts mailing list to learn what other LoCo's are doing and share what my LoCo is doing.

I founded the Ubuntu Scientists team on January 16, 2014 since the Ubuntu Community does not have team for the scientists of all sorts. This team will act like Ubuntu Women in order to help people to get jobs the science FOSS field.

I also mentor at Linux Padawan- main focus is on Ubuntu Community building.

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