United Kingdom


Age: 31

I'm primarily a PHP developer specialising in building bespoke websites and online applications, experience with AWS and openstack (e.g Rackspace) cloud hosting and solutions/systems architecture, chef/puppet provisioning and deployment.

For the last couple of years I have been falling increasingly in love with the Laravel PHP framework, which has made web development enjoyable once again whilst opening up worlds of new possibilities and schooling me on how PHP should be done.

Regrettably I'm still forced to work with Codeigniter, various ecommerce systems, Drupal and Wordpress on a more regular basis than I would like. (It would be Laravel monogamy if I had it my way) I also have a crack at JS/Jquery C#/Unity bash scripting and systems admin as required/desired.

If you're not excited by the oracle that we call the internet there is either something wrong with you or you haven't been around long enough to remember the before time... an age of landlines, paperbacks and rewind buttons.