Burlingame, CA


Age: 34

In general, I'm new to programming in real languages. Mainly rendering logic before, and even with that- It's been a long time. Started studying and developing Websites in 2001, but took a seven year break. While I wasn't actively coding, I've enjoyed reading about it all these years. Probably the only one of my friends that can start reading a good C# book, and NOT fall asleep while reading in bed. Some of my all-time Fav's are (language agnostic):

-Wrench in the System: What's Sabotaging Your Business Software and How You Can Release the Power to Innovate, by Harlod Hambrose (John Wiely & Sons)
-Domain Driven Design, by Eric Evans (Addison Wesley)
-Implementing Lean Software Development: From Concept to Cash, by Mary and Tom Poppendieck (Addison Wesley)

I think of those three books with great joy! Like to head into the deeper level stuff in C#, Azure, unstructured data mining... but I'm not there yet! Need to get through the easy stuff first. F# looks real COOL! On my table ready to go (when I finally get some free time) are F# for Scientist and Expert F# 2.0

Aside from Programming, I love good books that teach you about the greater truths of life. One such- that I must recommend: Unusually Excellent: The Necessary Nine Skills for the Practice of Great Leadership. It's more than a good leadership book... it's a great manual to life and interacting with people.

If you are reading this, Thanks! You should think about that leadership book, it's the best gift I can give you for taking your time to read down to this point. Other than that- I thank you and wish you a Great Day! Year! & Life!