I like to make pretty/cool things and learn about new techniques and technologies as I go along. I enjoy broadening my skills just as much as further developing existing ones. My skills are mainly related to web and desktop application programming. My language of choice would be C# with .NET, using either WIndows Forms or WPF for the user interface, or combined with HTML/CSS/JS for ASP.NET.

I have experience with the Windows and Linux environments, both as desktop and server, and am comfortable working in either. I also have basic familiarity with OSX.

During past project I have gained a basic understanding of iOS, Android and Windows Phone app development, and have been involved in the entire process from concept to implementation for each at least once. I have also done some experimentation with Node.JS and Ruby on Rails, and understand the main concepts of these frameworks. Lastly I also have some experience with C++ and low-level/embedded C and (AVR) assembly. Having worked with all these technologies has taught me a great deal, but in the end I still prefer C# and .NET!

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