Pesaro, Italy

Age: 26

I've got a MSc in Electrical Engineering, and I'm currently a trainee at the Technische Universiteit of Eindhoven (TU/e) in a program called Smart Energy Buildings and Cities, where I'm doing a project with NXP Semiconductors.

I love basketball, bikes, outdoor life, travelling, photography, and - last but not least - reading.

Community moderator on Electrical Engineering since August 2012.

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Sorry, I made a mistake tagging with information graphics. The scope is technical/scientific documentation, like papers or reports.
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In my opinion if the two requirements are in contrast, then there's something wrong. Can't you vote to close and leave a comment to help the poster? Can't you just edit the post to improve it's quality? Sometimes I feel that if I can't provide adequate feedback I prefer not doing anything and leave the task to other reviewers.
comment Calculate Wifi access point distance from reciever?
I disagree with the last part. It's been found that, because of multi-path propagation, moving the receiver a few centimeters (even sideways) can change the received signal by as much as 10dB. Not to mention the effect that walls have.
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@VladimirCravero well, you shouldn't treat noobs differently, you should just consider the quality of the post. Of course, you can't expect that a new user fully understands the site, therefore he might need some pointers and extra patience. But it's all just common sense. Ah, and don't expect everyone else to do the same, that's just life.
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