Brandon Bates

Middletown, OH

Age: 29

I am a father of 2, whom stays home with my young son and daughter. I have always been a hobbyist, and thought I would try out my hand in home brewing "Since I do have a passion for beer, but not a lot of cash. Seemed like a bad idea not to try it." For my first attempt, I created beer from stale bread and tea. Though successful, I used an entire packet of baking yeast "I know better now. Most people only use that much for much much higher quantities, and baking yeast is not particularly what people use for most brews." So I decided to use a small amount of it for a starter of my next batch, which is a full gallon. I am still in the trial and error process of just making a beer that is successfully carbonated and fermented out of ingredients I have lying around the house, that doesn't taste like cat throw up "Not that I'd know what it tastes like :-p..." My expectations aren't very high for a great beer from cheap ingredients, but if anyone has any pointers on how I can make it better, or have made a decent beer (Or another type of brew) from such ingredients, let me know. I do plan to start brewing with actual kits in the near future after we buy a house and settle in, so the road is only starting with the bread experimentation.

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