50 years writing ibm rpg and cobol and many other dead computer languages. Started programming using punched papertape like the old teletype machines in 1960's movies, then along came (ta da!) punched cards - wow what an improvement! Time marched on, disk drives came along to replace the old 7 and 9 track reel-to-reel tape drives. Then VDU's or CRT's as you known them became fashionable about 1975-ish.

Manufacturer's systems i've loved and worked on : RCA 301/501, IBM 1401,1620,7090,360,system/3,34,36,38,400,iseries, univac 1004 and 1005's; burroughs kit ? loved it ! great for it's day. B3500,B1726,B1728,B1760,B1860,B1900's B5500's, a lot of banking machines B700,B800,B80,B90,B900 plus L5000, L6000 series striped ledger systems.

Bored ? read this:

These days ? it's mostly PaaS and web services and servers generic-like. Oh, for the good-old days. Real programmers coded in ink and we only had 4k of memory - that's 4,000 bytes of memory not 4MB :D

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