Age: 43

PixelShover, VectorBender, CodePusher, BitShuffler, WebNinja, CryptoNerd, SoundBuilder wrapping it up: “Design beyond communication.”

Besides that, I have the honour to serve as one of the three Crypto.SE moderators. While that surely doesn´t mean I can make all your dreams come true, I´ll definitely do my best to make your visits to Crypto.SE as comfortable as possible. If I can help you with anything, just tell me!

In case you want to talk to me and I´m not available at the SE network “ad hoc”, please feel invited to ping me via twitter or via e-mail – that way you´ll be able to reach me wherever I am (assuming I´m awake*).

* You can safely ignore I´m located in Germany as I´m frequently online around the clock.

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