comment AVR SPI shift register not clocking
Does it work if you use a slower clock rate?
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answered What is default Clock Frequency for Atmega8
comment Powering a LED off a 1,2 volt rechargeable battery
@DanielTork: Each LED has its own V-I curve, which tells you how much current it will pass for a given voltage. An LED's "forward voltage" is simply the point at which the curve turns upwards sharply.
answered Optimizing an Arduino code
answered Powering a LED off a 1,2 volt rechargeable battery
comment How to cut off multi-byte string (English word and Chinese character) in PHP?
Answers go in the answer box below, not in the question.
comment systemctl do something between stop and start during restart or kill
Why haven't you implemented the de facto standard of closing and reopening the log files on SIGHUP?
comment Converting a variable into a string creates EOF error
There are people who claim that eval() does have some valid uses. I don't believe that they would think that this is one of them.
comment Can we use ATTiny 85 for boot loading
The firmware changes required are actually not all that extensive, and the ATtiny85 does have just enough I/O. But I would also recommend a larger chip.
comment HC06 issue after setting the baud rate to 230400 by mistake, it can't communicate to the arduino now
Hold the main MCU in reset, connect the TX/RX lines backwards, and tell your comm software to use 230400.
comment Send an Array of integers from Processing to Arduino
Are you sure you have enough SRAM to store all 200 ints?
comment How do you modify a variable that's a value in a dictionary when calling that variable by its key?
Short answer: you can't.
comment Measuring touch-weight resistance in piano keys
Why not use a solenoid with a LVDT sensor?
comment battery augmented power supply
10 minutes is one hell of a "burst"...
comment Beginner Projects for Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi
Perhaps you should figure out how they each work before worrying about how to integrate them together...
comment How to make 1 bit permanent memory circuit?
A memory cell is easy. A non-volatile memory cell is not.
comment How to make 1 bit permanent memory circuit?
How averse are you to using a coin cell? There is no way to duplicate a EEPROM/flash/FRAM cell at a macro level.
answered Specific Questions Regarding Use of Regulated Switching Supplies
comment Mixing 2v and 3V LED's and calculating resistors
@AgentZebra: Resistors with higher power handling are physically larger, usually more expensive, and can be more work to integrate into an assembly process.
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