Age: 21

My name is Joshua Hedges, I've been programming since I was about 10 years old when I discovered a love for modding Morrowind of The Elder Scrolls series (the game) and wanted to know how games are made deep under the surface.

I consider myself fluent in C/++, Java, HTML, CSS and Python. Though I have a background in assembly (NASM and FASM), Lua, Perl, C# and will admit to have been great with BASIC in the past. I consider myself by no means fantastic or even great, but I know my way around an IDE and can use MinGW and NASM trivially.

I have a background in hacking and network/server security. Though I don't and haven't hacked in 2 years. I will not provide any information on gray or black hat hacking related subjects. But have a general idea of security for the white hats that need information.

I use C++ and Java for the most part and am currently developing a game indie, in C++. I have hundreds of projects I would like to start just like everyone else, but have big ones I need to focus on. You can read more about my game and it's development at either my website or my general development blog

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