Bolzano, Italy

Age: 25

My name is Ivo and I am an Italian agile software developer who loves coding and solving problems in a simple yet creative fashion.

During my years of web development I have grown a strong passion for fronted development which lead me to a good understanding of its underlaying technologies. I love hacking the hell out of web apps and getting a grasp of cutting edge technologies in order to keep up with time and deliver the best user experience possible.

I discovered the Agile Manifesto and eXtreme Programming back while joining XPeppers in 2013 and I’ve tried my best to apply either values and principles ever since. I’m firmly convinced that human interactions and proactive collaborations are key in building great products and writing great software in general. In all the projects I have worked so far I’ve experienced the benefits of practices such as Pair Programming, Test Driven Development, Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure Automation.