"If you will draw too much attention to the shit, shit will destroy you." -- Ok, I see. But, "There is so much evil in the world not because there are so many bad people but because good people keep silence." - Martin Luther King

The solution is the vertical (i.e. dense) city! In addition to the major nature waster, it solves all aspects of the problem (e.g. forests and heating). What is the problem? Have you ever heard that all your technological advance is based on oil, that is over?

I ask a lot of questions and "I have extreemly low tolerance for the stupid bullshit" (G. Carlin). Yes, beauty is not relative. Particularly, this means that I do not accept bullshit. Circular argument (it is so because it is so) or unrelated details are not arguments. Do you consider this rude? Go fuck. I'd rather offend people than pander to them.

pay especially close attention whenever an idea is being suppressed.

It seems to me that the idiocy is amplified by Fluff Principle here. I consider Stackexchange a best place for challenging the assumptions in popular beliefs. But, I see that people, who are unable to listen, practice ostracism. The bigots from all over the world confer to ignore my argument and preach what they know, the simple minded beliefs. For instance, why don't we have spacedelta in python, why direction makes difference between scalars and vectors, conductor must gain charge when electrons are set into motion, what is the point of accept method in visitor pattern. These are all cases where I ask to argue for the fundamental basics and all are massively downvoted. People hate to know why popular things are like they are! This is bigotry as is the macros are evil overprotection.

Stackoverflow: Debugging means localizing the bug. In 99.9% debugging exposes the bug and it is not a subject of StackOverflow. StackOverflow can only be useful if you describe some weirdness and do it very clearly. Try using logic: show how B follows from A. The code snippet must be no longer than necessary to expose the problem. Dumping his program awhole, user demonstrates that he made no attempt to localize the bug.