Age: 26

I'm a mostly self-taught programmer fluent capable of expressing himself in bash, ruby, JavaScript, C, C++ and some other more or less similar languages.

I love playing with build systems, OS design matters, cryptography, and things that allow me put more power and simplicity into the hands of users and programmers.

I am somewhat educated in algorithms, operating systems (Linux/Unix in particular), various approaches to full-stack web development, and DevOps.

I believe in "do one thing and do it well" for system design, although I am a bit of a jack-of-all-trades myself.

I have been lately trying to focus on focus.

I want to write software that makes a big positive contribution the areas that interest me.

I would like to make friends who think and believe either similarly or completely differently, as long as it somehow works.

I may have started each sentence in this section with I, but sometimes I'm not completely egocentric.

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