Fernando Silva

Portimão, Portugal


Age: 33

Im an architect that has always had a little bug about programming (my uncle's profession), so since i have some free time, i started out by learning C#.

I began reading some manuals in August 2011 and started to code my first app in November 2011, in C#, eventually I got back to architecture, but coding never left my mind. I then looked into PHP and JavaScript to put together a simple blog and ended up helping a few friends with their websites.

After some time in 12/2013 I started working at a company that wanted to take someone without experience and try to make a reservation website in PHP. As things progressed that "simple" website's intentions became more towards a little framework with API endpoints and I truly learnt a lot.

In 09/2014 I got an opportunity to join a company that gave me the opportunity to go through a full 6 months training period to learn RPGLE and everything AS400, so obviously DB2.

This is where I'm at currently and I'm eager to update this profile soon.