Fèlix Galindo Allué

Taradell, Catalonia


Age: 41

Teacher on the upper-grade professional institute Centre d'Estudis Sant Francesc at Barcelona.

I'm the system administration for the Moodle site for the institutes teaching task: CESF-Moodle.

Expertise in C++ in conjunction with Qt, web programming (PHP5), Oracle and Linux system administration. High knowledge in shell-scripting, MySQL, Java, among others.

Electronic hobbyist (PIC16/18, USB, GPS, FM, sensors and actuators), microprocessor programming (assembler and C) for embedded devices, etc...

I have a website named http://www.flx.cat where I intend to mantain a blog on technical issues, as well as personal support for teaching.

I've also written a book titled "Oracle SQL és fàcil!" (Oracle SQL is easy!)

I've teached a specific course in high level technical skills in database programming, including JDBC, Hibernate, XPath/XQuery, db4o, BaseX, etc: DB course material.

I've developed a couple of Jekyll plugins as liquid tag extensions in Ruby: jekyll-liquid-lipsum-plugin and jekyll-liquid-latex-plugin.