United Kingdom

Age: 32

Martin finished his PhD in 2012 (Thesis tile: A Treatise on Web 2.0 with a Case Study from the Financial Markets), and has worked as an RA for the Computer Science department at Loughborough and Leicester Universities, and most recently at Information Science department at Loughborough, where he worked on the EMOTIVE project. Currently he is a permanent staff member at this University, where he is an Assistant Professor in Information Management.

His research is concerned with analysis of web 2.0 systems and their uses in practical real world applications for problem solving, such as national security in the EMOTIVE project. The computational analysis of web 2.0 systems is one of his major interests because the datasets and the dynamics of these applications are still not fully understood. Yet they hold great promise in a number of domains. Among Martin’s other interests are the fields of data mining, text mining, time-series prediction, and information management and information processing. Martin has also spent a considerable amount of time on interesting problems in the Financial Markets domain with a couple published papers at peer reviewed conferences, including a best IEEE PhD student conference paper award at SOFA 2009. Martin has also led tutorials for final year Data Mining students and acted as a lecturer for the Computer Science Department for two semesters at Loughborough University, teaching Fundamentals in Programming and Web based JavaScript programming.

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