Daniel F

Stuttgart, Germany

All in all, I'm super interested in creating views onto data, visualizing data. And, usually as hobby, I also like to build systems which generate data.

HTML, Javascript, Websockets, Python, MongoDB, RabbitMQ; that kind of stack. I love AngularJS.

I also know (or probably knew) quite a bit about audio programming (down to the last bit, as in multichannel surround sound wav files, surround sound mixing, audio resampling and filtering, in C++, http://www.mayasound.com) as well as 3D-graphics-stuff. I wanted to create a full-blown audio sequencer in 3D space (and still would like to, but I've realized that I can't do this without a proper team, which is hard to find). Nowadays that would be awesome considering that stuff like Oculus Rift exists.

I've played a lot with home automation (12V LED strips, RPi & Co., down to the power transistor level and Arduino PWM modulation, even ATtiny45 programming, and sensors like temperature, humidity and pressure)

I'm a PC (as in "convinced Windows user"), but I love Debian and Ubuntu.

I'm an Android user and have done my share of programming on that platform as well; that's what I'm into at the moment.

I've also got above average networking experience (routing, subnets, UTM, DNS, SNMP) for someone who isn't in the networking business.