Oklahoma City, OK

Age: 32

I have degree in Computer Science with an emphasis on programming. My passion lies in providing solutions to business problems, which doesn't always result in a technological solution. However, when it does, I frequently manage the entire SDLC. For me, doing the research behind a problem, understanding the users needs, and designing an elegant solution is just as rewarding as actually building out that solution.

I have been doing business application development as a career since 2010. At the beginning of my career I focused purely on SQL development, creating new procs, view, triggers, tables, etc... I've also done quite a bit of data mining, data imports, SSIS, and reporting work (Excel and SSRS). This SQL experience also allowed me to become a DBA for my development group, reviewing and approving most DB changes before going to production. After grasping DB architecture fairly well I moved into application development, where I worked with a team to create new solutions and manage a variety of legacy ones. I've worked mostly with web applications and web services, both traditional and WCF, however I have built console and desktop apps as well.

Technologies and applications I've worked with, in no particular order, include: C#.NET, VB.NET, XML, JSON, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS (bootstrap), TSQL, PostgreSQL, Azure (SQL, Storage, CDN, Redis, and Web Apps), AWS (RSD - PostgreSQL, EC2 - Linux VM's, Elastic Load Balancer, and Elastic IP), SSRS, Tableau, Excel, SharePoint, LINQ, MVC5, Entity Framework, Angular, DI (Ninject), Owin, Redis (Windows version, built out a cluster managed by Sentinel), SignalR (Redis backplane)

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