Atlanta, GA

Age: 46

Chief Software Craftsman Singularity Software

I've worked on Enterprise departmental apps since 1996. The past decade has been almost exclusively C# with a wide variety project types including asp database apps, video encoding, systems integration, agile implemenation, win forms, silverlight, WCF, identity management, and others.

I'm a big fan the software craftsman movement as it seems much better aligned with our work than misguided efforts to model the profession of software development after professions like architecture, medicine, or law. Craftsmanship which emphasizes experience and mentorship is a much more helpful paradigm, IMHO. Furthermore, its less grandiose. After all, those fields require 3+ years of post graduate work to even enter the field. I've seen great programers that are high school dropouts.

I also love what the ruby community has contributed to our craft, although, I haven't worked with it directly.