Ottawa, Canada


Age: 30

I work in telecommunications where I support TV, DSL Internet and landline phones. I worked as an IT consultant at a West African NGO where I migrated the entire NGO to using Ubuntu/Lubuntu. I've been using Ubuntu since version 7.04 and used every version since (mind you I skipped 10.04). My greatest troubleshooting accomplishments in Ubuntu include configuring the following peripherals:

  • a USB CDMA modem
  • parallel port scanner and commercial USB scanner (neither worked out of the box in Ubuntu 11.x)
  • countless wireless adapters, at least three distinct ones via ndiswrapper

Without mentionning the countless tutorials I've followed online, troubleshooting my own problems, etc.

Nowadays I enjoy doing graphic work in GIMP and Inkscape, I don't need anything else.

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