Columbus, OH

Age: 41

I do believe it's wrong, definitely. Standing around, and laughing at someone, infringing on people's rights. They laugh at you, or they could jump out of cars, they rob you. Somebody could giggle at you. That's a violation of your civil rights. Comedy. That's what the world is for. That's what it's based on. That's what this economy is based on. Are you telling me that you don't see the connection between government and laughing at people? Listen, somewhere they're gonna hang 'em. I would take my belt off, and I would (slap) wham! If he back-talks to me, I'll slap him across the face. Fish should deal with fish, and that way, they could only prey on fish. Possibly fines, exile. Mental institutions. Correction place. Should use a baseball bat on 'em. A good (slap) whack on the seat. They might even jeopardize the fish. Dog, not halibut. Contamination. A nuthouse. The Alcatraz. Jail.